Surveys have found Southern California residents to be among the happiest and healthiest in the country. But what makes SoCal so special? We have asked locals and tourists alike what makes the area great. Here are some of our findings..

Great Beaches & Weather

Los-Angeles-limousine-LA-limo-serviceMore than any other provider of limousines in the region, American Luxury transports clients daily to the great Southern California beaches. From some of the nations largest beaches to charming neighborhood beaches, Southern California is guaranteed to have a beach fitting your preferences. While perhaps the most popular for LA limo customers is the Venice- and adjacent Santa Monica Beaches, you are definitely missing out by just hanging out at these two. While being the two most visited beaches in L.A. County, neither Santa Monica- nor Venice Beach offer for instance ‘on beach dining’. Often combined with our local Malibu wine tours are restaurants such as Duke’s, Paradise Cove Beach Cafe and the Carbon Beach Club Restaurant, which are all restaurants located on the beach itself. Prefer less crowds and smaller waves? 1,000 Steps Beach in Orange County might be the most gorgeous beach in the region. Malibu may be the most popular beaching destination for us in L.A., and offers larger beaches (Zuma, Carbon) as well as smaller and less crowded ones (El Matador, Leo Carrillo). Many riding with us at American Luxury Limousines have told us where to find the most beautiful beaches in SoCal. And what we hear more than anything is ‘in Orange County’. Constantly rated among the most beautiful beaches in America, Newport-, Laguna- and Huntington Beaches are definitely worth experiencing.

Maybe more than anything else, visitors using our airport limos have mentioned the weather as the greatest attribute to the region. With nearly 300 days of sunshine per year, it is no wonder why people come to enjoy our great weather. Less humid and less rainy than most other warmer places in the U.S., our Mediterranean climate makes life easier and lighter.

Unbeatable Diversity

Many LA party bus clients believed the Hollywood nightlife to be what makes L.A.the best

SoCal and the Greater L.A. Area have it all. Whether you want to try out authentic Vietnamese food, a German musical performances or to learn about Armenian culture in L.A.’s own Little Armenia neighborhood. Diversity is often mentioned by foreign visitors to the region using our LAX limo services. It’s not rarely we hear how the region is home to “the best French restaurant”, “the most delicious Mexican cuisine” or about all the different demographical regions: Filipinotown, Olvera Street, Thai Town, Little Tokyo, Koreatown, Little Ethiopia, Chinatown, Little Armenia, and many more. Home to more than 350,000 Native-Americans, California is also home to more Native-Americans than any other state. West Hollywood is an area famous worldwide for its great LGBT nightclubs and community, while the birthplace of the city is located on Downtown’s Olvera Street, maybe the city’s most authentic Mexican neighborhood. Originally named El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula, Los Angeles has an incredibly diverse history. First inhabited by various indigenous peoples as early as 14,000 BCE, the region was part of Spain and later Mexico for hundreds of years. After a short-lived republic was created before later joining the U.S. Once a sleepy pueblo the City of Angels is now among the largest and most diverse cities in the world.

Film Industry

LA-limousine-Los-Angeles-limo-serviceHollywood – the world’s biggest producer of popular culture – is the center for the American movie and music industries. Along with concerts with some of the world’s most popular singers and entertainers, the studios are also incredibly popular destinations for our Los Angeles limousine service. For trips to the studios, a beloved tour is the tour at Universal Studios, while there are many other studios spread throughout Studio City, Burbank and the Hollywood area. We also find numerous studios in the San Fernando Valley, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and Warner Bros. This is where we find some of the most popular studio tours in SoCal, including the Warner Bros Tour, Sony Pictures Studio Tour, as well as the NBC Tours. The two-hour tours offered at Warner Bros and at the Sony Pictures are among the most popular for people interested in the movie industry. While the tours at Universal Studios takes you through the Wisteria Lane neighborhood from Desperate Housewives as well as sets from Psycho and Jaws, Sony Pictures includes sets from the show Jeopardy, Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind. At the NBC studios you’ll have the chance to see the set used for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Many renting our limousines or LA party bus head to actual live shows to be in the audience. While many attend the Dr. Phil Show at Paramount Studios, Burbank’s Ellen DeGeneres Show is another hit. Being the international hub for pop culture, it is easy finding a performance by a singer you like, or attending the audience of a favorite TV-show taping. Make sure to reserve your seatings in advance! And arrive early by booking sedans, buses, SUV’s or airport limos.

Wine Country

Many mistakingly believe you need to fly to Northern California in order to visit the vineyards. And if you need an LAX limo to visit the great vineyards of Sonoma- and Napa Valleys, we can absolutely help you get to your destination. But is it necessary to fly for an hour to experience gorgeous wine country? The answer is fortunately no. With beautiful vineyards in regions such as the Santa Maria-, Santa Ynez- and Temecula Valleys, winetouring the vineyards has never been more available. Our Malibu wine tours to vineyards and tasting venues throughout the Malibu Canyons may be the closest and most convenient wine-region to visit. Just a short ride from the busy streets of Downtown LA, we find some of the most beautiful vineyards in the state. With tasting rooms spread throughout the city, winetasting is a great complimentary to a city tour. Prefer sipping wines looking out over the ocean? Check out the Deep Sea Tasting Room in Santa Barbara, or the Rosenthal Tasting Room by the Malibu coast. For larger vineyards and winery estates, ask us about the great wineries of the Santa Ynez Valley!

Amusement Parks & Activities

LA-city-tours-Six-Flags-Magic-MountainA beloved activity for many riding with us at American Luxury Limousines is all the cool activities and amusement parks found in the area. From the “happiest place on Earth”, Disneyland, to some of the largest rollercoasters in the country at Magic Mountain, SoCal is home to tons of activities for kids and adults alike. While Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott’s Berry Farm are the most popular, smaller parks are often less crowdy and more affordable. Once home to four amusement park piers, Santa Monica’s pier and rides is a great way of experiencing a signature Californian experience. Make sure to research upcoming events and local carnivals, and we are convinced you’ll find an activity that satisfies. Besides the amusement parks, other popular family-friendly activities include the L.A. Zoo, Long Beach Aquarium, the Griffith Observatory, LACMA, and much more.

What do you think is the greatest about living in Southern California? Maybe not to anyone’s surprise but one of many people’s biggest negative is the sometimes intolerable traffic. This is particularly true for the Greater L.A. region where hiring a Los Angeles limousine service can help anyone arrive timely and in style. We’re not only the best rated company in SoCal, but we are also proud to offer unmatched price match guarantees for all our clients.

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