The most tropical island beach in Los AngelesLos Angeles limo services can be used for so much. Our latest excursion included a pretty unique drop-off in LA County. Here we discovered the most tropical island-site perhaps in all of California. They were namely headed to the City of Two Harbors, California! Sounds unfamiliar? The tiny community of just 150 full-time residents is situated on the western side of Santa Catalina Island. Here you will not only discover serene natural beauty, but a relaxing island atmosphere. No wonder this town has dubbed for Polynesian islands in various movies. While it dubs for Tahiti in the film Mutiny on the Bounty, it was featured as American Samoa in films such as Sadie Thompson and Rain. Our limo clients were kind enough to shoot us some images, and we set out to do more research on why more and more of our limousines head for Catalina drop-offs.


Beach bar Two Harbors, Los Angeles, California
Who knew this gem was in Los Angeles County?

Reached by ferry from San Pedro at the Angeles Port, it can also be reached by tours or buses from Avalon, the primary city on Catalina. Our customers headed from Los Feliz to San Pedro, and departed with Catalina Express directly to Two Harbors. While similar to Avalon in many respects, Two Harbors is definitely a hidden gem of the Channel Islands. With just one hotel, and two houses for rent, lodging is limited in the village. This also limits the amount of vacationers, which makes it an ideal place for a quiet getaway. On most days you can have the beach mostly for yourself. And drinks and food are also served by the beach.

Our wonderful Los Angeles limousine passengers told us about the origin of the name. The village in located in an isthmus, which means there are two beaches on both sides of the island, hence the name Two Harbors. The limo service customers told us Banning House was the best place in town for an overlook. While ferries arrive and depart from the Isthmus Cove, a short hike separates it from Catalina Harbor. Two Harbors has one store, one hotel, one bar, one restaurant and one school. There is also a diving center, campground and opportunities for safari tours. Limousine clients on Catalina safaris have shown us photos of animals such as eagles, foxes and deer. Who knew the endemic Island Fox species is only found on one island in Los Angeles County?

The renters of Los Angeles limos sometimes go for the 30-minute safari tour ride to Little Harbor, a beach and campsite located on Catalina’s windward side. This particular site is usually infested with buffalos, and our limousine riders took a few too-close-for-comfort photos of the bison. We have also transported vacationers with limos to Two Harbors for camping in the outback. It is the nearest community to campsites such as Parsons Landing, which offers its own beach on the island’s extreme west-side. We have also transferred yacht-renters with Los Angeles party bus services. There are a variety of great boat- and yacht landings throughout the island, maybe particularly the coves surrounding Two Harbors.

Wanna Learn More About Catalina Island?

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