8 Best Stops From LA To Vegas!

8 Best Stops From LA To Vegas!

8-best-limo-stops-from-la-to-vegas-2017We’ve all been there: bored out of our minds on the long ride through the desert on our way to Las Vegas. But lots can be done to spice up your desert road trip! First of all, partying it up by riding with a limousine or party bus will make your trip exciting and memorable. Instead of worrying about staying awake and keeping your eyes on the road, relax in the back while blasting your favorite music and enjoying a full bar with all your favorite drinks and snacks. But why remain in the bus or car with all the great stops in and around the Mojave Desert? While maybe unknown to most, there are lots of stop for all interests on the stretch from LA to Vegas. Whether you want to see the world’s largest thermometer, thousands of year old petroglyphs or maybe America’s second-largest meteorite, there are lots of stops to be made on the way to Sin City. From outlet shopping, original stretches of Route 66, maybe California’s coolest ghost town to the hottest place on planet Earth — these are our picks for best stops between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

8. World’s Tallest Thermometer

World’s tallest thermometer in Baker, California

Visible from many miles away, the primary feature of the small-town of Baker is the world’s tallest thermometer. The over 130 feet tall thermometer reads 134 degrees, the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth, which was recorded in nearby Death Valley (see #2 for more information). The thermometer was raised in 1991, and has since hold the record as being the world’s tallest thermometer. It was built to bring light to the 134 degrees recorded in close-by Death Valley in July 1913, the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth. Before reaching Baker you might want to stop for a chance of taking a photo of one of America’s strangest place names, namely the Zzyzx Road. The nearby area is also one of the few places in the world where you can see the famous Joshua trees, a primary feature of the Mojave Desert. Other places worth visiting in Baker might be Peggy Sues 50’s Diner for a traditional diner experience in the desert.

7. Native-American Petroglyphs

sloan-petroglyphs-nevadaA mostly unknown stop, the Sloan Canyon Petroglyph Site in the tiny community of Sloan, NV can nonetheless be an interesting stop for clients riding with a Los Angeles to Las Vegas limo. Particularly for those with an interest – of course – for Native-American history or cave paintings. Occupying nearly 50,000 acres, over 1,600 unique petroglyphs can be found here. While some date back to Archaic times, others are from more recent populations. Numerous Native-American groups have contributed to make this one of Nevada’s largest collections of Native-American art, including pictographs and petroglyphs from peoples such as the ancestral Pueblo, Paiute and Patayan peoples. This area may be difficult to find, being located across the freeway east of the community, but rest assure that our limo- and party bus chauffeurs know the exact location of this historic site. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 and later became a National Conservation Area in 2002. Numerous trails can be found in surrounding areas, including the Hidden Valley Trail, Petroglyph Canyon Trail, Shadow Canyon Trail and others. Remember to bring sunscreen and water from the limo as it can be (extremely) hot wandering in the desert. Sloan, Nevada is located about twenty miles south of Las Vegas.

6. Great Outlet Shopping

The Outlets at Barstow, previously known as the Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, could be the most popular stop for tourists riding with our Los Angeles to Las Vegas limo services. Home to nearly 40 retail shops including stores such as Calvin Klein, the GAP, Lacoste, Michael Kors, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Quicksilver, Swarovski, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. Bargain hunters and clothing brand lovers will have their favorite stop at the Outlets at Barstow.

5. Ultimate Pre-Vegas Stop


Being just an hour away from Vegas, Primm might seem like an unlikely stop for most. But nonetheless, Primm, Nevada is a popular stop for many riding with LA to Vegas party bus or limos from our service. Being a mini Vegas you can find casinos and gambling, although at a much smaller level (of course) than its much larger big brother to the north. Being just across the Nevadan border, it’s the closest Nevada-experience to California. Besides the popular “Welcome to Nevada”-sign, many clients love casinos such as the Primm Valley Resort and Whiskey Pete’s. The Desperado Roller Coaster is a city landmark passed by most on their way to Sin City, while another popular stop includes the Primm Valley Golf Club. There are also outlet stores located here, even though the number one outlet-stop would definitely be Barstow (see #6). Right before the Nevada-border you can make a stop at the Lotto Shop, a store established for Nevadans to purchase Californian lottery tickets with big pots.

4. Original Route 66

                                                          Prefer an LAX sedan?

A few Malibu limousine clients recently pointed out on the way to Vegas that there are still stretches left of the original Route 66, namely between the towns of Victorville and Barstow. On this historic stretch of Route 66 you will experience many cool original diners, antique shops, an ostrich farms and tons of other cool Route 66 stops. A beloved stop for many is the unusual Elmer’s Bottletree Ranch for a great collection of artsy bottle-trees. At Victorville’s Route 66 Museum you can enjoy many traditional Route 66-sights, including great collections of road signage, pictures and paintings, and other Route 66 favorites. The traditional historic gas station known as Mohawk is another stop that should be made, as well as the nearby Antique Station where you can check out more historic pieces of history. The historic steel bridge crossing the Mohave River is a must for photographers, while the charming Emma Jean Hollands Burger is a must for those looking for the original Route 66 meal. Don’t forget to pose by the Route 66 sign in Victorville!

3. Second-Biggest Meteorite

Make the desert trip interesting at the Desert Discovery Center!

The Desert Discovery Center in Barstow might be a stop you want to make. Here you can witness the Old Woman Meteorite, the second-largest meteorite to be found in the United States. Weighing over 6,000 lbs, the Old Woman is definitely worth a visit. And best of all, visits to the Desert Discovery Center is completely free of charge. The meteorite is three feet large across the middle and was found in 1976 about fifty miles from today’s location. The Desert Discovery Center is also home to exhibits of plants, native wildlife and fossils. Not far from the Discovery Center is where we find America’s oldest Del Taco, another place might worth visiting.

2. Hottest Place on Earth

                                                                   Prefer cold? Try the San Jacinto Mountains!

Death Valley, with the highest recorded temperature of planet Earth, is a harsh environment with sand dunes and drought. Despite its naturally extreme and dry climate, there’s an interesting and rich wildlife, flora as well as beautiful sceneries. There are many reasons why so many LA to Vegas party bus clients decide to make their stop in Death Valley National Park. Either it’s for taking photos of the natural beauty of rugged mountains, sandy dunes and badlands-geography, or if it’s for seeing the ancient petroglyphs or look for desert wildlife. We’ve also had numerous LA and Malibu limousine clients heading here for recreational activities such as mountain biking, hiking or four-wheel desert driving. It might seem like an unusual place for fun, but the Death Valley region has something for anyone’s preferences. Some of the endemic wildlife found here include the iconic Bighorn sheep, Mountain lion, various species of hawks, scorpions, snakes, and much more. Having been inhabited by the Mojave people and other Native-Americans since possibly as long ago as 10,000 BCE, Death Valley has a rich history and petroglyphs from the native peoples can be found at Telescope Peak, right above Mesquite Spring, Cave Rock Spring, Sarcobatus Spring Shelter, and numerous other surrounding areas.

1. Best Ghost Town Adventure

limousines-calico-limo-from-laArguably the best ghost town adventures in Southern California can be made at the Calico Ghost, conveniently situated about halfway between LA and Vegas. Established as a silver mining community in 1881, today’s Calico is a California Historical Landmark, a San Bernardino Regional County Park and tourist attraction. Being relatively off-the-beaten track and in the midst of the Mohave Desert, it might be strange to many that this mining town once was home to as many as 1,200 people at its peak. The town is home to many old Western buildings turned into markets and souvenir shops, including a sheriff’s station, barber, fire station, hotel and more. The gunfight shows, searching for gold, mining railroad and more makes Calico the ideal ghost town experience. With all its restaurants, mini shops and cafes, Calico is a place to spend hours of time and ideal to bring the family along. Having been the largest silver-making community in the state in 1885, Calico was once home to several bars, 3 hotels, 5 grocery stores, three restaurants and numerous brothels. Calico is depicted in several songs, movies, TV-series, books and songs. Kenny Rogers album the Ballad of Calico (1972) is based on Calico, while the music video for Gorillaz “Stylo” was filmed in town. Scenes from the movie the Powler (1951) was also filmed here, and the town was also featured in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II (2012).

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There are many additional stops that could be made. The Mormon Rocks, the iconic Bottletree Ranch, the Mojave National Preserve, Alien Fresh Jerky or the Barstow Station are additional great stops to be made. We often provide our clients with Temecula wine-tasting tours which can also be enjoyed on or before hitting the road. Prefer tasting wine closer to LA? How about a Malibu limousine to the vineyards of the Malibu Canyons or a Santa Barbara limo or party bus to the Santa Ynez- or Santa Maria Valleys? For whatever occasional and whatever destination in Southern California, contact our services for the best timely and professional transportation in the region. We are a top rated provider of limo services and we’re proud to offer Southern California’s largest selection of party buses and stretch limousines!

Wine-tasting tours to the Temecula Valley can be a great adventure!

4 Reasons To Love Venice!

4 Reasons To Love Venice!

No place is more quintessential LA than Venice. Named for its many canals, originally called the Venice of America, Venice is a beloved and different part of the city. For tourists and local angelenos, ordering a Los Angeles limousine for an outing in Venice is popular. Being a generally walkable area, exploring Venice Beach, the Boardwalk, canals, pier and great art venues can all easily be done in one day. While many hop on the bike to head up towards Santa Monica, Venice offers something different than any other place in California, perhaps in America. Where else would you come solely for people-watching and seeing more colorful characters than in boring everyday life? Furthermore, Venice Beach may be the most visited people-watching destination in the world. Let’s look further and why you should rent an LA limo service head on out to Venice!

You can come here to enjoy a nice drink at the Boardwalk while watching some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. And we mean ever. The Venice Boardwalk is always lively and just some you may encounter includes jugglers, panhandlers, preachers, medical marihuana doctors, skater dudes, hippie types, and everything in between. Maybe the most famous place at Venice Beach is Muscle Beach, famous for the “discovery” of Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger. This place is even a popular destination for LAX sedan rentals, due to the many tourists wanting to experience this signature LA landmark. Venice has been the location for dozens of film productions and has been featured in movies and TV-shows as Pacific Blue, Gilmore Girls, Baywatch, American History X, the Nightmare on Elm Street, Grease, Dracula vs. Frankenstein, Dante’s Inferno, and many more. People order an LA limo service to Venice Beach for a great day beaching, people-watching, checking out the various souvenir shops, bike-renting, and dining.

As the LA limo service of ours have offered transportation here for over 20 years now, you can trust us for a top notch Venice outing. Looking for an outing somewhere else? We also offer the best rated Malibu wine tour, as well as LAX rides and transportation throughout the Greater LA Area and Southern California. Let our Los Angeles limousine services represent five things you’ll love about Venice!


An LA limo by the Venice CanalsOnce home to as many as sixteen miles of canals, Venice now has three remaining miles of canals. These are now protected as part of the Venice Canal Historic District, which is an LA Historic-Cultural Monument and also listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. You can rent an LA limo service to go exploring the canals. Or you could take a stroll here for a more charming and quieter Venice experience than the Boardwalk. The Venice Canals Walkway has over two miles of pedestrian-friendly trails along the idyllic canals. Developed by real estate developer Abbot Kinney in 1904, most of the former canals were filled to make space for freeways. The remaining waterways are beautiful and lead through an affluent housing area with houses backing up to the canals. The walkway is located between Venice- and Washington Boulevards. LA limo renters come here for various reasons; some fall in love with the narrow walkways and tiny bridges, while others come to admire the architecture of the houses. We have also transferred customers often to the canals for row-boating, kayaking and picnicking. While the Grand Canal is the largest and maybe most famous, the others include the Carroll-, Linnie-, Eastern-, Howland- and Sherman Canals. Getting their picture taken by the canals is common for tourists riding with an LAX sedan from the LAX airport to Venice. We also often transfer locals here by limo and sedan vehicles.


Venice is home to an array of bars and a lively nightlife. Whether you are going on a date with your partner, or need an LA limo service for a friends’ outing on town, we can help with your Los Angeles limousine to Venice. One of the favorite bars for LA limo services are Nikki’s, where you might just find the cheapest beer in town for only three dollars each. This is a trending destination for LA beer crawls, while many also decide on a Malibu wine tour for wine-tastings by the Pacific. The Brig is a great choice on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, while the Venice Whaler is known for its lively nightlife. For some great dining overlooking the beach, ocean and even views as far as the California Channel Islands, head to the High Rooftop Lounge, located at Hotel Erwin.

For a huge variety in beers and cool nightclub, head to the German Wurstkuche on Lincoln Boulevard. Instead of a Malibu wine tour, do some wine-tasting in Venice! Both the Otheroom and Venice Beach Wine are great picks for wine-tasting tours. Our favorite Venice bars must be the Venice Ale House, particularly famous for their more than thirty varietals of craft beers, and Hinano Cafe, located right by the Venice Pier with breakfasts for as low as five dollars per meal. Instead of a wine tour, you could always bring friends along for a limo beer crawl at the Ale House! While Hollywood might be the most popular night destination for party buses and Los Angeles limousine services, Venice has recently become a more and more popular place for a night on town. Looking for a different kind of outing? Book a Malibu wine tour to Malibu Wines for live entertainment during weekends!


buses-Los-Angeles-party-bus-rentalsWe often get people calling for an LAX limousine or LA limo service wanting to go to Venice, but still haven’t picked a hotel to stay at. For accommodation in Venice you have a wide range of choices. May Los Angeles limousine renters prefer staying at the Venice Boardwalk. Check out Hotel Erwin, previously Best Western, for a great hotel on the beach. This is also a trending LAX sedan destination as many tourists prefer staying at a beach hotel when visiting Los Angeles. The rooftop bar at the hotel, named the High, has one of Venice’ best views and food. For breakfast, check out the Hash Restaurant for some great breakfast. This hipster hotel opened in 2009 and is just a couple hundred feet from the Pacific. Spacious rooms and beach-theme. Another choice for accommodation is the Venice Beach House, a 1911 bungalow listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Just one block from the Venice Boardwalk and Beach, the two-story hotel is located on one of the most iconic Venice sidewalk streets.

For an option a tiny bit further from the Venice Boardwalk craziness, the Inn at Venice Beach is located three blocks from the ocean, which is just far enough for a quiet getaway. LA limo riders will enjoy that the hotel is right on the border between Venice and Marina del Rey, with great walking options to both locations. The hotels of Venice are popular for international- and domestic tourists, and many order LAX sedan services from LAX to the hotels here for a signature LA experience. As recently has yesterday we transferred hotel guests with LAX sedan from the Inn at Venice Beach for a Malibu wine tour to the Malibu Canyons.


limousines-at-LAX-limousine-service-airportAngelenos and others booking our limousines or Los Angeles party bus vehicles often visit the great eateries of Venice. Some favorites for the LA limo service are the Sidewalk Café with tables in the sand at Venice Beach, and Jody Maroni’s Sausage Kingdom, which offers more than twenty sausage sandwiches and is known for having the region’s best hot dogs. And we get it, why head on a Malibu wine tour when you can enjoy a cocktail in the sand at the Sidewalk Café! Wanna dine in a century old beach house? Check out Joe’s Restaurant for some great French- and Californian dishes. Los Angeles limousine services even get called for LAX sedan rides straight to this old beach house from LAX. Gjelina is yet another great restaurant, particularly known for its lovely outdoor patio. For some great drinks and Mediterranean food to match the climate, head to the Tasting Kitchen on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. The hip bar at the Rose Cafe-Restaurant is another great pick for drinks and food.

Looking for some Italian cuisine? Head to C&O Cucina. For Indian, check our the Hurry Curry Indian Food, or for Thai food, check out the Ekkamai Thai Restaurant on W. Washington Boulevard. Looking for vegan dishes? Head to Cafe Gratitude Venice for great vegetarian- and vegan dishes. Other great Venice eateries include 26 Beach, Fresh In The Box, El Charro, Via Veneto, 72 Market Street Oyster Bar and Grill, and Baby Blues BBQ. Although several eateries here offer great wine-tastings, you can always book a Malibu wine tour for an outing in the vineyards. For whatever dining experience though, styling it up with an LA limo service or sedan will make it a dinner to remember! For an even more exciting outing, contact us for a Malibu wine tour which includes dinner! A popular Malibu wine tour winery-visit is Cornell Winery, located next-door to the Old Place Restaurant.


LA Louver

For those interested in art, Venice is a mecca. Even people booking with LAX sedan and limousine services from the LAX have headed to the LA Louver to check out the gorgeous galleries. Wanna see a totally different building? Take a few photos of the unique Binoculars Building on Main Street. For one of the top literary arts center in the region, Los Angeles limousine travelers head to the Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center on Venice Boulevard. The two-story Louver offers galleries from some of California’s and the country’s greatest artists, and occasional exhibits by international artists. Being the city’s primary artery, Windward Ave. stretches from Venice Beach towards the inland. Having guested celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin and various others, the bungalow Venice Beach House dates back to 1911. Long before the start of our LA limo service twenty years ago. It has been listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places since 1986, and it is definitely worth exploring (or staying at) for those interested in great architecture and history. Malibu wine tour explorers and other limousine renters will love the mural depicting how Venice once looked like inside the old historic Venice Post Office, surrounded by numerous galleries and art-venues at Windward Ave. Experiencing great arts here might be most popular for tourists using LAX sedan services, but locally grown Angelenos love it as well. Get a Los Angeles limousine to experience the Venice art today!

Movies Filmed in Venice

a-Los-Angeles-limo-service.pngWith its beautiful beach, canals and short way to Hollywood, hundreds of movies have been filmed in Venice. Los Angeles limousine passengers recently made us aware of the many films made here. Did you for example know that the Venice Canals can be seen in American Pie (1999)? Many of the Venice film locations can be visited on cinematic tours with LA limo service. Dude’s crib in The Big Lebowski (1998) is found here, and a stolen bike scene in Nightcrawler (2014) takes place at Venice Beach. Venice High School can be seen in American History X (1998), Shiherli’s apartment in Heat (1995) can also be visited on cinematic limo tours of Venice. An LAX sedan client made us recently aware that Venice High School can be seen in Grease (1978), and that the church in Million Dollar Baby (2004) actually is Saint Mark Catholic Church here in Venice. We have also transferred people with Los Angeles limousine vehicles to the famous fishing pier. This pier can be seen in Point Break (1991), while The Brigg Pub in Chef (2014) is also in Venice.

Glen Lantz (Johnny Depp) visits the canals in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), while the run-in with Gamble in SWAT (2003) takes place at Hinano Café. The foster family in I Am Sam (2001) lives in Venice, while Cobra’s (Sylvester Stallone) apartment in Cobra (1986) is actually located on Westminster Ave. Ordell Robbie’s flat in Jackie Brown (1997) is located at the beach here, while Dave gets introduced to Tom-Tom at the beach in the film Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986). The fictional Pinky’s Pizza in Prayer of the Rollerboys (1990) can be seen on Westminster Ave., as well as the Life Savers-facilities in the comedy film Mixed Nuts (1994). Order your Los Angeles limousine to your favorite film locales today! While most people order a limo for cinematic tours of Los Angeles, you can also reserve an SUV, sedan or party bus. A variety of movies have also been filmed at Cornell Winery and Malibu Wines, two popular stops for a Malibu wine tour.

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So why do we love Venice? 1) Exploring the Venice Canals, 2) Strolling up Venice Boardwalk on Venice Beach, 3) Dine at one of the great restaurants or have a drink at some of the most iconic Los Angeles bars, and 4) Discover great art, for instance at LA Louver, the Binoculars Building or the Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center. Another thing we love here is limo tours of the various filming locations. Let’s head to America’s Venice and explore the Canals — whether by a Los Angeles limousine, party bus or sedan! Our LA limo service is a best rated limousine provider and also offer an award-winning, customized and luxurious Malibu wine tour. Simply looking for a ride to Venice? Call us for a limo- or LAX sedan quote today.

Although not in Venice, Los Angeles Zoo is a popular limo destination

Hottest SoCal Beaches

Hottest SoCal Beaches

FromA limo by Malibu Lagoon State Beach secluded sandy coves to some of the widest beaches in the country, Southern California and the Greater LA region boast some of the greatest beaches in the world. Whether you are looking to spend a day beaching with friends and family, or whether you’re just looking for a place to chill and work on the tan, you are guaranteed to find a beach in Southern California to keep you satisfied. Especially when your day of beaching is combined with a limo! From surfers to scuba-divers, sun-tanning to picnicking – whatever reason for visiting the beach you may have, a suiting beach is never far away. From Downtown business clients to LAX sedan clientele – we have offered LA limo service rides to the beaches for over twenty years. We also offer the best rated wine tours in Malibu. What could be better than combining wine-tastings with a view of the ocean?

limousine-Malibu-limo-servicesAs our LA limo service is often asked about recommendations for the best beaches in the area, we’ve decided to list our top bets for spending a day at the beach. While some beaches are shallow and calmer than others, ideal for snorkeling or brining the kids along, other areas are more famous for its waves and great surf. In this article, our Los Angeles limousine and party bus services will also highlight some famous beaches featured in movies. Cinematic tours by limousine has become increasingly popular in recent times, and particularly LA tourists love seeing where their favorite films were made. Remember to research your destination to see if the beach fits your expectations. If you’re searching for a quiet beach for dining or whether you’re looking for a spot to play some volleyball, SoCal has what you’re looking for, but you may not be able to find it all on the same stretch of sand! Hang on as we introduce some of our clients top picks for beaches in Southern California!

4. El Matador State Beach

Malibu-party-bus-and-LA-limo-service-Los-Angeles-limousineSituated in the Golden Coast’s beloved Malibu, this beach isn’t only popular amongst local Malibu party bus clients but it a trending destination for many beach-goers throughout Southern California. Occupying eighteen acres of native nature and beach, El Matador is famous for its secluded character and natural beauty. Only available from a stairway and trail leading down the cliffside, this narrow 1/4 mile stretch of beach offers everything you need for a relaxed day at the beach. Besides being the largest of the Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beaches (larger than nearby La Piedra and El Pescador), El Matador is famous for its iconic rock formations and volcanic limpets overlooking the Pacific Ocean. El Matador is an ideal place for picnicking and sunbathing, being miles away from the busy PCH, but offers no restaurants or areas for sports. With gorgeous views of the Channel Islands and numerous ocean rock formations, the beach is also popular for scuba diving. Situated nearby vineyards visited on Malibu- and Santa Barbara wine tours, it is also a relatively popular place to combine with tasting tours in the region, maybe particularly the Rosenthal Bar & Patio which overlooks the ocean and offers some great wines for tastings in the nearby area. Book your LA limo service for wine tours by the ocean today! Larger groups can be accommodated in larger vehicles, such as a party bus, while smaller groups often rent a SUV, sedan or limo.

3. Leo Carrillo State Park

LA-limousine-Los-Angeles-limo-Malibu-party-bus-serviceBeing one of Southern California’s greatest surfing spots, this beach draws many surfers from surrounding areas and is a gorgeous scenic beach. The beach is complimented with numerous tunnels, caves, tide-pools and beautiful rock formations. The park is home to more than thirty beach campsites, over 100 campsites in the park area, and many picnic sites spread throughout. Many Los Angeles limousine and LA party bus customers love the many hiking trails here covering beautiful native Californian nature. Leo Carrillo consists of a more than 1,600 acres park area and is famous for not only its surf, but also great swimming. Leo Carrillo, named for actor Leo Carrillo in the 50’s, has been featured in many movies and TV-series, including Blanket, the Attack of the Crab Monsters, In Old Caliente, Gun Battle In Monterrey, Apache Rose, and so many more. With its close proximity to the great vineyards of the Malibu Canyons and its great wineries, many combine beach-picnicking here with wine tours on a Canyons- or on a Santa Barbara wine tour. Besides tours of the wine country, we offer party bus rentals, special events transportation, classic Los Angeles limousine rides, LAX sedan transfers and more.

2. Huntington Beach

LAX-and-Los-Angeles-limo-serviceWith more than eight miles of beach and one of California’s longest piers, it is no wonder this beach has been rated amongst the “best beaches in Southern California” by numerous media outlets, including the number one SoCal beach by USA Today. Here you have several dining options, including Duke’s as well as the Savannah Supper Club, both located nearby the pier. These two are amongst our most popular Los Angeles limousine destinations in Huntington Beach. Duke’s is named after Duke Kahanamoku of Hawaii and has a Hawaii-style look and feel to it. Located in the city of the same name, often referred to as Surf City USA, the beach and city have become popular resort destinations in SoCal. Conveniently located near great luxury restaurants, hotels and stores, the beach stretches for about three miles and is a place our LA limo service clientele absolutely loves. Offering everything from camping (Huntington by the Sea RV Resort), surfing (the Cliffs or Huntington Mesa), picnicking, swimming, sunbathing, as well as recreational activities including volleyball, jogging and more. Not too far from Disneyland, we often transport customers to this beach. It isn’t rarely tourists using our LAX sedan vehicles for rides to this beach directly from LAX and other regional airports!

1. 1,000 Steps Beach

Wine-tasting room in Malibu

Although difficult to serve for our limousines with minimal parking opportunities, we have nominated Orange County’s Thousand Steps Beach as the number one beach to check out in SoCal. Repeatedly winning in various polls for best beaches in Southern California, 1,000 Steps Beach offers the ultimate beach experience. Located by South Laguna Beach in Orange County, it is reachable by a rather long stairway leading down from the Pacific Coastal Highway. In a addition to the most pristine stretch of white sand in SoCal, this beach also offers volleyball courts, public restrooms, tide-pools, sea-caves, as well as some gorgeous sceneries. Occupying just 400 acres, the beach is smaller than most Southern California beaches, but is also less visited and less crowded.

Still haven’t found the perfect beach? Check out the white sand of Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, or venture 26-miles to Santa Catalina Island’s Descanso Beach. We’ve also had Los Angeles limousine customers booking limos to visit the great beaches of the other Channel Islands, maybe particularly Santa Cruz Island, which is absolutely an island and National Park worth experiencing! Others include San Diego’s La Jolla Cove as well as Corondo. Often overlooked because of its close proximity to LA, Hermosa Beach has become a hugely popular beach for Los Angeles limousine and transportation services. We have recently even transferred tourists directly from LAX with an LAX sedan to Hermosa Beach for a day of beaching.

Beaches Featured in Movies

A limo on a wine tour in Los Angeles
Many movies were filmed at Malibu Wines’ movie ranch!

With its relatively close proximity to the Hollywood studios, Southern California beaches have been featured in a variety of films and television series. Recently we have gotten an increased interest in our cinematic tours by LA limo service. These are one of our favorite limo- and party bus tours. On these adventures you can travel to all your favorite film locales. Many movie-filming scenes have happened at California beaches. Malibu’s El Pescador State Beach can for instance be seen in Respire (2016), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) features a segment from Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Movies featuring El Matador State Beach include Spellbinder (1988), Black Violent (2017) and Caruso (2016). Most episodes of Baywatch features scenes from Will Rogers State Beach. Point Dume Beach can be seen in Night Train to Mundo Fine (1966) and The Bold and the Beautiful (1994).
Limo on Malibu wine tourA longer beach scene in Barton Fink (1991) takes place at Zuma Beach, while there’s an oceanfront Malibu hotel featured in The Blue Dahlia (1946). The Vineyard residence in American History X (1998) is situated on Venice Beach, while the Riggs beach camper in Lethal Weapon (1987) was filmed at Santa Monica Beach. There are running scenes filmed at Santa Monica Beach in Rocky III (1982), while there’s a suspicious car found here in Beverly Hills Cop III (1994). Samantha and Theodore go to Manhattan Beach in the 2013 film Her, while other movies with shots from this beach include The Avengers (2012), The O.C. (2003-2007) and Avatar 2 (2018). Sebastian dances on the Hermosa Beach Pier in La La Land (2016). So whether for cinematic limo tours or wine tours by the Pacific, we can take you there! There are so many movies being filmed here that we’ve grown used to transporting movie stars here by LA limo service and LAX sedan town cars.

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For whatever reason and destination you’re looking for an LA limo service, American Luxury Limousine LA will not disappoint. Having served this place for over twenty years with our luxury party bus, limousine- and LAX sedan services, we have become not only one of the largest but also top rated transportation companies in Ventura-, Santa Barbara-, and Los Angeles Counties. Our wine tours to regions such as the Malibu Canyon, Santa Ynez Valley and Temecula are also top rated of its kind. We are proud to offer a price match guarantee to all clients. Check us out on Yelp and the other review sites!

Limousine at Malibu Sip Grapes