Don’t travel to LA without reading this

Don’t travel to LA without reading this

This is how you do Los Angeles


Best «so-trendy-I-almost-can’t-look-the-waiter-in-the-eyes-restaurant»

Decorated as a mix between a luxurious whorehouse and a five-star sushi-restaurant, the Geisha House has a lot to offer. Ashton Kutcher is one of the owners, and the place is packed with celebrities. The best days are Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, when the female geishas will come by for a chat and the DJ only wearing a fur coat and nothing else. Everything from the Japanese sushi dishes and the Mongolian lamb are outstanding, and the chocolate cake is among L.A.’s best. The waiters dressed in sailor uniforms are the definition of great service. After a nice dinner you can take a drink in the white bar upstairs. The Geisha House is located on Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, a place visited constantly by various L.A. party bus and limo services.

Best «I-wanna-see-a-celebrity-restaurant»

Chateau Marmont has a beautiful patio

This place may be difficult getting into, but Chateau Marmont usually have openings around 6 pm. After that you can relax, party and drink the night through. This legendary hotel is often visited by stars such as Jude Law, Bono and Orlando Bloom, and it might just be the coziest restaurant in the city. The outdoor patio is fantastic, and you can always ask the oldest waiter, Romy, to sing a ballad. Getting in here for lunch is usually not a problem, but you can also stay overnight at this fabulous celebrity hotel.

Best «swimming-pool-when-lost-in-Downtown»

Downtown LA’s Rooftop Bar has an amazing view that can remind of NY

While Southern California has some of America’s most beautiful beaches, there is always the alternative of heated swimming pools. If you’re stuck in the Downtown area, visiting the Millennium Biltmore Hotel where you can pay just $15 for a swim in the pool or soak in the spa. Make sure to swing by Skeletons in the Closet on North Mission Road for a towel, swim trunks, and remember to take a look at the forensic gift shop for a scarily unique souvenir. The gorgeous art deco pool at the Millennium is a fantastic pick, but for a rooftop drink and soak atop of a Downtown skyscraper, head to the Standard Hotel Downtown. Angelenos love Los Angeles party bus partying down to the Rooftop Bar here for some great cocktails and amazing panoramic views of Downtown Los Angeles.

Best «I-wanna-see-a-mob-member-and-enjoy-an-outstanding-steak-restaurant»


Moonshadows in Malibu is the place to enjoy a delicious cocktail while overlooking the Pacific

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s favorite restaurant, Mastro’s, is said to have the city’s best steak. The French fries here is another must to try out. Here you can overhear the Tony Soprano-sounding Italians, and always remember to sit upstairs.

Best «I-wanna-experience-a-celebrity-restaurant»

As Koi on Hollywood Boulevard is a tremendously popular place, reserving a table two days in advance might be your best bet to get in here. Here you will always see Bentleys, Ferraris and paparazzi’s on the outside, and the place is popular for many stars arriving here in an LA limo all night long. The food is obviously delicious, the waitresses are beautiful and the decoration is pretty awesome as well. Great pick for dining among the stars.

Best «coolest-streetwear-clothing-shop»

While men shop upstairs at the Barracuda on Melrose Ave., downstairs is dedicated to women and children. Very cheap and a huge selection, with a few unique and stylish sweaters and more. A great place to find gifs for your boyfriend, girlfriend or family.

Best «clothing-store-for-celebrity-sightings»

At Melrose Avenue’s Fred Segal is where we find an array for streetwear-clothing in the first level, and more expensive suits and clothes for the grownups on the second floor. But worth every dime. There’s also an in-house tailor and a trendy café full of celebs.

Best «great-clothes-no-matter-your-preference»

Greatest selection in shoes, jeans, great sunglasses and everything in between, American Rags on South La Brea is a great clothing store for whatever preference you may have.

Best «L.A.-strip-bar»

Across the street from Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard is where you’ll find the Body Shop, surrounded by celebrity neighborhoods and home of the Oscars. Closes at 3 am all days but Saturdays when it stays open ‘till 4 am.

Best «most-fancy-way-to-see-the-Hollywood-Sign»

hollywood-helicopter-ride-luxuryTake a helicopter to get the best views and photos of one of the world’s most famous landmarks. While Heli USA offers helicopter tours, a more affordable option is just to park and hike the last stretch up to the sign.

Best «nightclub-if-you’re-only-visiting-one-club»

With girls dancing burlesque, 40 Deuce might mostly remind of a strip club, this place has a great bar selection and opportunities to dance the night away. The lines get usually long here, so taking a Los Angeles party bus here before 10:30 pm should let you in. The first show usually takes place an hour later and is a must to experience. As the largest provider of limo and Malibu wine tours we know firsthand that 40 Deuce is a frequently visited place by the stars, e.g. Nicole Kidman and Naomi Campbell. Jessica Simpson also arranged the thirtieth birthday of Nick Lachey at 40 Deuce. A must as it’s called. Seriously.

Best «bed-&-breakfast-establishment»

The widow of Dudley Moore owns and has decorated Villa Delle Stelle in Hollywood to become the “dirtiest” B&B establishment you’ll ever see. Here you can stay for the night, for a week or longer, and even stay at Moore’s old room. You can call in personal shoppers, masseurs and trainers. The rooms are large and some rooms are even equipped with pianos. Art deco, class and luxury.

Best «hilarious-comedy-experience»


Ray Romano often provides standup comedy at the Comedy and Magic Club!

Some of the performers at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach include Jay Leno every Sunday, Doug Heffernan from the King of Queens, and Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond. Jerry Seinfeld is another comedian often performing here as well.

Best «way-to-spend-$150-on-a-martini»

The Blvd bar at the Regent Beverly Wilshire offers Los Angeles’ most expensive cocktail, the baccaratini. Wealthy L.A.- and LAX sedan service clients call enjoy the $185 martini in a colored crystal glass.

Best «and-only?-place-to-hear-porn-stars-sing»

Tuesdays at 9 pm is when the photographers from the porn industry, porn actresses and porn producers meet at Burbank’s Sardos Bar to sing karaoke. Come here a short bit before nine as the place gets pretty packed. If you get motivated to sing yourself, take a limousine or cab to Caffe Brass Monkey on Wilshire Boulevard or the nearby Orchid on South Oxford Avenue. Some of the best places for karaoke are party buses – and the city of Las Vegas. So why not party & sing your way there with an LA to Vegas limousine through the boring desert lands?

Best «gorgeous-date-night-restaurant»


Could The Little Door be the city’s most romantic restaurant?

If it’s beautiful sunny weather as most days, ask for an outdoor patio table at the Little Door on West Third Street. Remember to make a reservation in advance, or if it’s for a special occasion such as birthday parties or anniversaries, you are likely to get in anyway. The French Mediterranean cuisine and the cozy atmosphere makes the Little Door one of LA’s most romantic restaurants.

Best «bragging-story-from-a-cemetery»


The unique Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a famous LA landmark

Come to the Westwood Village Memorial Park for a unique iconic California adventure and see the graves of celebrities as Frank Zappa, Norma Jean, Roy Orbison, Marilyn Monroe, and many more. For a similar but more touristy alternative, see the world-famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery where you can see the graves of celebs as Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, Rudolph Valentino, Charles Chaplin Jr., George Harrison and many, many more.

Best «place-to-witness-freaks-&-jugglers»

Venice Beach and its boardwalk may seem intimidating at first with its many freaks, skater dudes, punks and medical marijuana clinics, but a fun experience is calling LA limo companies, head to Venice, rent a bike, and stroll the seaside from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Beach to check out the pier or enjoy a drink in the sun. Muscle Beach is another must with its bodybuilders and athletes, just as seen in the movies.

Best «rock-bar-to-begin-the-night»


Grab a drink at Johnny Depp’s The Viper Room

The Viper Room isn’t just owned by Johnny Depp, but was also the location of River Phoenix death. Many visitors and tourists have called for LAX sedan service to head here as a beginning of their vacation or time in SoCal. Cross the street and check out the famous Whiskey-A-Go-Go before continuing your stroll on Sunset to explore nearby Key Club, the Roxy and Rainbow. 

Best «nightclub-for-celebrity-sightings!»

Des Deux is the ultimate party destination for many. At least amongst the rich and famous. The Olsen-twins, Britney Spears, Aqua’s Lene Nystrøm and Lindsay Lohan are all regulars at Des Deux in Hollywood. Come here for dancing, partying, drinking, or celebrity sightseeing!

Best «I-was-discovered-while-vacationing-opportunity»

Log onto LAcasting dot com to see how you can get the chance of being discovered by the entertainment industry! After all, you are in Hollywood right?! Many LA limo visitors have also partaken in TV show audiences such as at the Dr. Phil Show and the Ellen Show.

Best «most-difficult-door-to-open-place»

With capacity for ninety people, and fifty celebs on each night’s reservation list, getting into the Hyde Lounge in West Hollywood may be difficult. If you don’t get starstruck at Sunset’s Hyde Lounge, you’ve probably spent too much time at Chateau Marmont.

Best «romantic-spot-to-make-out-in-the-sunset»

Enjoy a day of wine-tasting in the Malibu Canyons!

What can beat making out on patio overlooking the Pacific? Well, maybe the Santa Barbara sunset dining cruise or the exclusive Malibu wine tours to the gorgeous vineyards. But enjoying a drink while overlooking the ocean at Malibu’s Moonshadows is pretty much unbeatable!

Best «fine-restaurant-if-you-want-a-good-story»

For $99 you can be guided into a totally dark room where you eat in complete blindness. A unique experience or what? The dark dining at the Hyatt Hotel on Sunset Boulevard might sound cliché, but no one can say it’s not unique!

Best «bowling-alley-to-sight-celebrities»


Drink, look for celebrities & bowl at the Lucky Strike Lanes on Hollywood Blvd.!

When the rich and famous go bowling, they’re heading to the Lucky Strike Lanes on Hollywood Boulevard. You can enjoy a drink while bowling, which makes it tons of fun.

Best «luxury-spa-treatment-ever»

Although the Chopra Center for Wellbeing at the La Costa Resort is located in Carlsbad, a 40-minute drive from LA, a visit here is needed if you enjoy massages. The treatment is called Pizichilli massage. Two masseurs will do wonders to your sore muscles while they’re meditating to make you healthy. You will get the city’s best massage accompanied with great herb oils.

Best «yummy-place-for-the-ultimate-sushi»

The ocean-view from Nobu Malibu is unbeatable

Nobu Matsuhisa is the man behind all the Nobu restaurants: Nobu New York, Nobu London, Nobu Malibu, and Nobu Las Vegas. At Matsuhisa on North La Cienga Blvd., Nobu himself, the father of sushi, works and prepares meals for the customers. If you are into Japanese cuisine, heading to the Matsuhisa will be an amazing experience. For other Nobu’s, why not compare a wine tour in Malibu with a visit to Nobu Malibu, a gorgeous restaurant overlooking the Pacific. If you are Nevada-bound, LA to Vegas limousine transfers make the 5-hour journey through the Mojave Desert a lot of fun.

Best «eatery-for-amazing-lunching»

The secret Hollywood lunch- and brunch favorite, Cafe Med on Sunset Boulevard, is popular amongst visiting tourists, celebrity stars and the average Joe. Despite being the favorite café of Michelle Rodriguez, Bill Murray, Val Kilmer and others, Cafe Med is rarely full. The delicious rosé wine is a must here, so is the omelet with smoked salmon.

Best «iconic-California-drive»

Drive through celebrity mansions on windy roads on Mulholland Dr. between 101 and 405. After dark this road offers some amazing views of the city as well. Cruising California State Route 1, the PCH, to enjoy the coastal views and seaside cities is also a recommended journey. Why not pick a Malibu beach you like, and cruise down PCH with a limo for an unforgettable day of beaching?


Best Bets for Wine (and Beer) Tasting in L.A.

Best Bets for Wine (and Beer) Tasting in L.A.

Malibu-wine-tour-Santa-Barbara-wine-tours-Los-Angeles-winetastingWhile many may not realize it, the City of Angels and Southern California boast some of the greatest winetasting experiences in the country. Often overlooked for the more crowded vineyards of Northern California’s Sonoma- and Napa Valleys, SoCal may be most known for the Santa Maria-, Santa Ynez- and Temecula Valleys. But you no longer need to go on a Santa Barbara wine tour hours away to experience great winetasting in the L.A. area!

Tasting venues are spread throughout the city while there are also gorgeous vineyards to be explored on the Malibu wine tours, just miles from the city in L.A. County. Here you can experience miniature vineyards in beautiful surroundings. There are even a one-in-the-world winetasting Safari offered in the Malibu Canyons. Here is also where we find so many other great tasting areas, call us to hear more about these wineries and what would best fit your preferences. Some are bigger, others smaller and most quaint. Some offer food pairings while others don’t. Some places offer outdoor tastings while some tasting rooms don’t. Call us to set up your exclusive trip to the vineyards!

Los-Angeles-wine-tours-MalibuWant something closer to the city? The San Antonio Winery is one of the last remaining wineries located in Downtown. One of few wineries that survived the Prohibition, the San Antonio Winery is an historic winery with a long history in Southern California. First established in 1917, the winery survived the Prohibition by serving sacramental wines, and is therefore one of the most historic wineries of SoCal. Other tasting rooms in the City of Angels include Covell on Hollywood Boulevard, Bottlerock in Downtown and also Culver City, Domaine L .A. on Melrose Ave., and a few more. Call us to ask about specific varietals of wines, views from the tasting venue, opportunity for dining, and any other questions you may have about city tasting packages.

For a little longer drive, head on a Santa Barbara wine tour to experience the most idyllic vineyards and charming wineries. Particularly the areas surrounding Los Olivos, Ballard, and Santa Ynez are incredibly popular destinations for our LA limo service, which has served this region for over twenty years. Here you can experience wide vineyards, a beautiful countryside and wonderful views while sipping some of the greatest wines California has to offer. Particularly loved by our Los Angeles limousine clientele are Firestone, Sunstone, Bridlewood, Roblar, Fess Parker, Zaca Mesa and Rideau Wineries, while others include Gainey, Beckmen, Koehler, Foxen, Happy Canyon, Rusack, and many, many more. It’s not rarely we get called for an LAX airport transfer directly from the airport to the vineyards. In the beautiful village of Los Olivos are many opportunities for accommodation for those wanting to spend the night in vineyard country.

Malibu-limo-serviceAnother popular activity for visitors in SoCal is pub crawls. From college friends ordering party buses for bar hopping in Hollywood – to LA to Vegas party bus clients partying the whole way from L.A. to Las Vegas, we serve them all. With the city’s great nightlife and many clubs and bars, why not skip the hassle of parking and traffic, and leave the driving to us? A night on town or Malibu wine tours are definitely both more rewarding when you don’t have to worry about the driving, parking, traffic. An alternative is visiting areas such as Santa Barbara’s Urban Wines Trail or small-towns as Los Olivos and also Solvang – which are all cities where you can easily walk between the various tasting venues.

More interested in a beer crawl? Many looking for a Los Angeles limousine ask us about the options for beer crawls in the city. And they are endless. Home to hundreds of locally brewed craft beers, going on a beer crawl can be a rewarding experience for anyone who likes beer. Some of the most popular for our LA limo service include Angel City Brewery, Eagle Rock Brewery, Golden Road Brewing, as well as Smog City Brewing Co. Angel City is located an historic 100-year old building. While there is a food truck at Smog City Brewing, there’s no food available at Eagle Rock Brewery. Touring Eagle Rock and Golden Road Brewing is free of charge. Call us for more information about the various breweries and what they have to offer.

Whether you’re looking to touring the vineyards, in need of an LAX airport transfer, or heading for a beer crawl, we will be able to accommodate all your needs and preferences when looking for limousines. We are the top rated provider of not only transportation services in the city, but winetasting excursions, airport transportation, as well as LA to Vegas party bus offers. We offer an exclusive unmatched price-match-guarantee to all clients on all rides. Make sure to ask our wine-concierge about upcoming events and recommendations to make the most of your tastings experience. Find your ideal winery in the table below!


NEW: 5 Reasons SoCal Is World’s Best Place To Live

NEW: 5 Reasons SoCal Is World’s Best Place To Live

Surveys have found Southern California residents to be among the happiest and healthiest in the country. But what makes SoCal so special? We have asked locals and tourists alike what makes the area great. Here are some of our findings..

Great Beaches & Weather

Los-Angeles-limousine-LA-limo-serviceMore than any other provider of limousines in the region, American Luxury transports clients daily to the great Southern California beaches. From some of the nations largest beaches to charming neighborhood beaches, Southern California is guaranteed to have a beach fitting your preferences. While perhaps the most popular for LA limo customers is the Venice- and adjacent Santa Monica Beaches, you are definitely missing out by just hanging out at these two. While being the two most visited beaches in L.A. County, neither Santa Monica- nor Venice Beach offer for instance ‘on beach dining’. Often combined with our local Malibu wine tours are restaurants such as Duke’s, Paradise Cove Beach Cafe and the Carbon Beach Club Restaurant, which are all restaurants located on the beach itself. Prefer less crowds and smaller waves? 1,000 Steps Beach in Orange County might be the most gorgeous beach in the region. Malibu may be the most popular beaching destination for us in L.A., and offers larger beaches (Zuma, Carbon) as well as smaller and less crowded ones (El Matador, Leo Carrillo). Many riding with us at American Luxury Limousines have told us where to find the most beautiful beaches in SoCal. And what we hear more than anything is ‘in Orange County’. Constantly rated among the most beautiful beaches in America, Newport-, Laguna- and Huntington Beaches are definitely worth experiencing.

Maybe more than anything else, visitors using our airport limos have mentioned the weather as the greatest attribute to the region. With nearly 300 days of sunshine per year, it is no wonder why people come to enjoy our great weather. Less humid and less rainy than most other warmer places in the U.S., our Mediterranean climate makes life easier and lighter.

Unbeatable Diversity

Many LA party bus clients believed the Hollywood nightlife to be what makes L.A.the best

SoCal and the Greater L.A. Area have it all. Whether you want to try out authentic Vietnamese food, a German musical performances or to learn about Armenian culture in L.A.’s own Little Armenia neighborhood. Diversity is often mentioned by foreign visitors to the region using our LAX limo services. It’s not rarely we hear how the region is home to “the best French restaurant”, “the most delicious Mexican cuisine” or about all the different demographical regions: Filipinotown, Olvera Street, Thai Town, Little Tokyo, Koreatown, Little Ethiopia, Chinatown, Little Armenia, and many more. Home to more than 350,000 Native-Americans, California is also home to more Native-Americans than any other state. West Hollywood is an area famous worldwide for its great LGBT nightclubs and community, while the birthplace of the city is located on Downtown’s Olvera Street, maybe the city’s most authentic Mexican neighborhood. Originally named El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula, Los Angeles has an incredibly diverse history. First inhabited by various indigenous peoples as early as 14,000 BCE, the region was part of Spain and later Mexico for hundreds of years. After a short-lived republic was created before later joining the U.S. Once a sleepy pueblo the City of Angels is now among the largest and most diverse cities in the world.

Film Industry

LA-limousine-Los-Angeles-limo-serviceHollywood – the world’s biggest producer of popular culture – is the center for the American movie and music industries. Along with concerts with some of the world’s most popular singers and entertainers, the studios are also incredibly popular destinations for our Los Angeles limousine service. For trips to the studios, a beloved tour is the tour at Universal Studios, while there are many other studios spread throughout Studio City, Burbank and the Hollywood area. We also find numerous studios in the San Fernando Valley, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and Warner Bros. This is where we find some of the most popular studio tours in SoCal, including the Warner Bros Tour, Sony Pictures Studio Tour, as well as the NBC Tours. The two-hour tours offered at Warner Bros and at the Sony Pictures are among the most popular for people interested in the movie industry. While the tours at Universal Studios takes you through the Wisteria Lane neighborhood from Desperate Housewives as well as sets from Psycho and Jaws, Sony Pictures includes sets from the show Jeopardy, Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind. At the NBC studios you’ll have the chance to see the set used for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Many renting our limousines or LA party bus head to actual live shows to be in the audience. While many attend the Dr. Phil Show at Paramount Studios, Burbank’s Ellen DeGeneres Show is another hit. Being the international hub for pop culture, it is easy finding a performance by a singer you like, or attending the audience of a favorite TV-show taping. Make sure to reserve your seatings in advance! And arrive early by booking sedans, buses, SUV’s or airport limos.

Wine Country

Many mistakingly believe you need to fly to Northern California in order to visit the vineyards. And if you need an LAX limo to visit the great vineyards of Sonoma- and Napa Valleys, we can absolutely help you get to your destination. But is it necessary to fly for an hour to experience gorgeous wine country? The answer is fortunately no. With beautiful vineyards in regions such as the Santa Maria-, Santa Ynez- and Temecula Valleys, winetouring the vineyards has never been more available. Our Malibu wine tours to vineyards and tasting venues throughout the Malibu Canyons may be the closest and most convenient wine-region to visit. Just a short ride from the busy streets of Downtown LA, we find some of the most beautiful vineyards in the state. With tasting rooms spread throughout the city, winetasting is a great complimentary to a city tour. Prefer sipping wines looking out over the ocean? Check out the Deep Sea Tasting Room in Santa Barbara, or the Rosenthal Tasting Room by the Malibu coast. For larger vineyards and winery estates, ask us about the great wineries of the Santa Ynez Valley!

Amusement Parks & Activities

LA-city-tours-Six-Flags-Magic-MountainA beloved activity for many riding with us at American Luxury Limousines is all the cool activities and amusement parks found in the area. From the “happiest place on Earth”, Disneyland, to some of the largest rollercoasters in the country at Magic Mountain, SoCal is home to tons of activities for kids and adults alike. While Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott’s Berry Farm are the most popular, smaller parks are often less crowdy and more affordable. Once home to four amusement park piers, Santa Monica’s pier and rides is a great way of experiencing a signature Californian experience. Make sure to research upcoming events and local carnivals, and we are convinced you’ll find an activity that satisfies. Besides the amusement parks, other popular family-friendly activities include the L.A. Zoo, Long Beach Aquarium, the Griffith Observatory, LACMA, and much more.

What do you think is the greatest about living in Southern California? Maybe not to anyone’s surprise but one of many people’s biggest negative is the sometimes intolerable traffic. This is particularly true for the Greater L.A. region where hiring a Los Angeles limousine service can help anyone arrive timely and in style. We’re not only the best rated company in SoCal, but we are also proud to offer unmatched price match guarantees for all our clients.